Day at La Tercera

D 307 Day

Location: La Tercera office, Nuble, Santiago, Chile. Latin America

Update: Body close came to normality. Yesterday slept in local time zone otherwise life was going in partial Australian time zone and partial in Indian to communicate with friends. I spoke with mother after gap of more than three week. Call was lasted for two minutes and then wifi gone. My parents are facing funny  problem in village. I will write soon.


After long time, I put on a formal dress, for a reason. Mr Sebastian Rivas was kind enough to invite me to his live TV show. I spent whole day in La Tercera a multimedia house which has print newspaper, online and TV. They have radio also but at different location.

It was big office with lavish and modern furniture, big TV screen and modern computers and I-pads. The moment I stepped inside the office, my heart beat started increasing. It was after more than a year, I entered in the live newsroom during peak hours of ‘Trump’. And it was big day for journos because Mr Donald Trump was entering into the White House.

I could feel my pulses. It was reminding me this is my real place. After this dream trip, again I have to land in some newsroom in some corner of the world.

First half day, I spent in the online team. They were busy in following White House updates. While working they were very relatively cool than Mumbai. I remember, we make lot of noise in the newsroom. If something happens we shout ‘Breaking news! Breaking news!!’ They were doing their job without making any noise.

Then I went to Mr Sebastian’s live TV show. There were three guests mostly professors from university and Mr Sebastian was anchor. They were discussion point by point in Spanish which I could not understand. But one thing for sure, there was no shouting like us


Anchor was giving ample of time to let the speaker speak at his length. And you know how we do it. (The nation wants to know J).  Our anchors let not speak the guest and bombard with dozens of question and several advertises.

Over all it was great day. Thinking of some plans for weekend.

Thank you very much Mr Sebastian, Mr Gabrial Labrana and team La Tercera for your kind hospitality.



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