Meeting With Hon Vice President of India

D 780 Day, May 2018 Location: Hostel International Theatre, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Latin America I was thinking what to present to the Hon Vice President of India. It was complex task. The article should not be expensive, it should have moral values and can be pass through security and immigations. A friend had suggested to […]

Invitation for Welcome Party to Hon Vice President of India

D 777 Day, May 5, 2017 Location: Hostel in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America. It was yesterday. Super worst day. I got up early. I was in Antigua Guatemala and needed to travel to Guatemala city to visit Indian Embassy and Environment Ministry. I skipped breakfast. I had an apple and few cashu nuts. I […]

Trekking to Volcan De Fuego

D776 Day, May 4, 2018 Location: Hostel in Guatemala City in Guatemala, Central America. (It was on May 1 and 2 at Volcan de Fuego) When I proposed to go to volcano, Oscar uncle told me that few years back, six people died because of cold on the volcano mountain. It was enough to understood […]

Kheer in Guatemala

D771 Day, April 29, 2018Location: Analilian’s house in Guatemala city, Latin America.Back to civilisation after three days of solitude on farm house in mountains. Morning got up at 7am. I was getting ready in a relaxed mode then Felix who work on farm said that bus stop is 30 minute walk from here. It is […]

Rear Window

D 770 Day, April 28, 2018 Location: Analilian’s farmhouse near Guatemala city, Guatemala, Latin America. I got up early but it was so cold outside so I tried to meditate in the bed. However slept again. When I got up it was 7.25am. I was too lazy to cook breakfast so I had a bread […]

Home Alone

D 769 Day, April 27, 2018 Location: Analilian’s farm house near Guatemala city, Guatemala, Latin America Yesterday, Oscar and Liliana went to the city so I am alone here in a big mansion. It is really big house with big glass doors. House is built on the top of hill. One can see famous volcano […]

On Avocado Farm in Guatemala

D 768 Day, April 26, 2018 Location: Farm House of Analilian near Guatemala city, Guatemala, Latin America. Last night, I promised that I will cook breakfast but slept till 8.30 am. It was super cold and I did not see the sunlight. I assumed it would be 6am. Liliana got up and cooked breakfast. She […]

Reached Guatemala

D 765 Day, April 23, 2018 Location: Analilian’s home in Guatemala City capital of Guatemala in Latin America. Reached Guatemala and its end of Central America continent. Crossing border between El Salvador and Guatemala was relatively easy because Juan told me that he will drop me to bus stop, Analilian told me that she will […]

Deficency of Courage

D 760 Day, April 18, 2018. Location: San Salvador capital of En Salvador in Central America continent. It was Akshay Tritiya. According to Indian mythology, it is one of three auspicious days in a year. Lot of people in India buy gold on this day believing that it brings prosperity. My family do not believe […]