Meeting With Hon Vice President of India

D 780 Day, May 2018 Location: Hostel International Theatre, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Latin America I was thinking what to present to the Hon Vice President of India. It was complex task. The article should not be expensive, it should have moral values and can be pass through security and immigations. A friend had suggested to […]

Kheer in Guatemala

D771 Day, April 29, 2018Location: Analilian’s house in Guatemala city, Latin America.Back to civilisation after three days of solitude on farm house in mountains. Morning got up at 7am. I was getting ready in a relaxed mode then Felix who work on farm said that bus stop is 30 minute walk from here. It is […]

Rear Window

D 770 Day, April 28, 2018 Location: Analilian’s farmhouse near Guatemala city, Guatemala, Latin America. I got up early but it was so cold outside so I tried to meditate in the bed. However slept again. When I got up it was 7.25am. I was too lazy to cook breakfast so I had a bread […]

Tipya and his antics

My parents don’t have too many expectations from me. They only expect that I make a phone call home every Sunday. Last Sunday, I missed calling up my mother. Naturally, she was not too happy about it. I thought of penning something about my family. I have two siblings but when my mother really needs […]

And the award for the ‘Best Moustache’ goes to…

Former Chief Fire Officer of Mumbai seems very upset with his successors as the new breed of firemen he thinks are unnecessarily fashionable and over-dependent on technology. His problem is that they are donning a no-moustache look while moustaches were compulsory for firemen and officers during his times. In case of large-scale fires, he says, […]