Paratha in La Paz

Paratha in La Paz D 438 Day, June 3, 2017 Location: Lila house, La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America Physical status: Fluctuating, better Today, Lila Jessica and other volunteers of Asociacion de Amistad Bolivia-India invited me for dinner. Day started with upset stomach. I did not have breakfast or lunch. I was only on ORS/ glucose […]

No RIP Mahatma Gandhi

No RIP Mahatma Gandhi D 437 Day, May 30, 2017 Location: Tea shop in La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America Since I left India, I chose not to react to any political or social incident in India or any part the world. Today, I think, I should write and this is not a mere reaction to […]

Inching Towards Normality

Inching Towards Normality D 435 Day, May 28, 2017 Location: La Pas, Bolivia; Latin America Physical status: Much better. Meditation, Sorrochi pills and diet is working. Temperature: -1 to 7 d celcius This morning, weather was very cold. The website recorded minimum temperature  -1 and maximum 7 degree celcius. I got up early and working […]

Brazilian Love Story

D 417 Day, Wednesday May 10, 2017 Location: Chapada dos Guimaraes, Brazil, Latin America Update: Today, I was caught by unusual rains. Passport is safe. Brazilian Love Story: He is 23 and He is 38 and both are happily married. After the visit to local waterfall, I was searching for a cheap but decent restaurant. […]

Chile–Argentina Border Crossing

Chile–Argentina Border Crossing D 346 Day Feb 28 Location: Bariloche in Argentina Successfully crossed border post between Chile and Argentina. Every time, when I cross international border, I had some bad experience. This time, it was very smooth. On Chile side, they did not ask anything, just stamped and returned my passport and I boarded […]

Can I ever repay him?

D 404 Day, Thursday, April 27, 2017 Location, Brasilia capital city of Brazil, Latin America Update:  I got Indian host. Thanks to Deepak Raykwar and Vijay Bavaskar. Coordination is on with local authorities for tree planting Yesterday afternoon, I was waiting for Ranjit Singh paji for keys. I spoke with Ranjit on a Pakistani’s friend’s […]