#WishNewTree Ecuador

#WishNewTree D 539 Day, September 8, 2017 Location: Bogota capital of Colombia in Latin America It was last week in Quito, in Ecuador Pedro Ponce an Environment lover Ecuadorian proposed an idea to plant a tree in Quito city. Without wasting any moment, I said YES. He said that he will get a plant, coordinate […]

Little Nicole

D 538 Day, September 7, 2017 Location: Bogota capital of Colombia, Latin America Update: Reached Bogota safely It was odd three weeks ago, Environment Minister of Ecuador Tarsicio Granizo accepted my request to plant a tree. Since his schedule was busy and he has no time free for tree planting. So we have decided to […]

D 533 Day September 2, 2017 Location: Cali city in South Colombia Update: crossed border from Ecuador to Colombia. Searching a host in Bogota Well, it was in Quito in Ecuador: One of the longest time I stayed at one country is Australia and then in Ecuador. In both countries, the stay was prolonged because […]

#WishNewTree in Pasochoa

D 528 Day, August 28, 2017 Location: Quito capital of Ecuador in Latin America Update: Except one, all objectives in Ecuador achieved. (wrote in hurry, prone to mistakes) Tomorrow, I have an invite from a local newspaper to plant a tree. Then I am free to travel to next country Colombia. I have got visa […]

Ganesha in Latin America

D 525 Day, August 25, 2017. Location: Jignesh Shah’s house, Quito, Ecuador. Update: Wishes of Ganesh Chaturthi. Happy Ganapati. From last week, Jignesh bhai gave me ‘warning + invitation’ to attend Loard Ganapati puja at his house in Quito. Before that let me tell you about Ganapati/Ganesha who is one of the most favourite god […]

Tree Planting in Ecuador

D 519 Day, August 19, 2017 Location: Quito, Capital of Ecuador Latin America Update: Submitted visa application for Colombia. Waiting for reply Sorry for being late to write. Ten days ago, we planted four trees in El Boliche with Environment Minister of Ecuador. Let me tell you how it worked. One of my journalist friends […]