D 578 Day

D 578 Day, October 17, 2017. Location: A small town in Colombia, Latin America It was a great day but starting was not really good. I went to a small restaurant for breakfast. Only suitable dish for me was omelette with corn (whole corn) rest all was meat. There was no other option, so I […]

House Without Border

House without borders D 575 day October 14, 2015 Location: Bogota, Colombia, Latin America (It was in Santiago, Chine on D 339 day ) I was waiting for Argentina visa in Santiago. Meanwhile, I was searching for some place to stay because of multiple reasons and mainly because Santiago is very expensive for me. The […]

Kathmandu in Bogota!

D 573day, October 12, 2017 Location: Kathmandu restaurant in Botoga, Capital of Colombia, in Latin America Update: Feeling much better Thank you very much for all your suggestions, advice, concern and blessings. I am feeling much better now. Thankfully, I did not need to go to doctor. Where I grew in a village in Marathwada, […]

Down with loose motion

Down with loose motion D 572 Day, October 11, 2017 Location: Bogota, Colombia, Latin America Since yesterday evening, I have been suffering from loose motion. I have not gone out of hostel or eat anything except small rice. Yesterday, Tuesday, Patricia a colleague in the hostel offered me rice and portion of fish. While eating […]

Saved My As*

  D 570 Day, October 9, 2017 Location: Bogota capita of Colombia, Latin America After introduction of Vipassan, I had over come on habit of passive thinking. I just act what I have to do at that present moment. I also developed habit of being neutral. But, there are few issues, which touch my heart […]

Mumbaiwala Sunday in Bogota

Mumbaiwala Sunday in Bogota D 569 day, October 8, 2017 Location: Bogota capital of Colombia, Latin America. Status: Prolong waiting for US & Canada visa It was perfect Mumbai wala Sunday. I got up leisurely at 8am. Then took a big mug full of hot water and sat in the corner with mobile chatting with […]

Shivas Cafe in Bogota

D 564 day, October 3, 2017 Location: Shiva¨s café, Bogota, Colombia, Latin America It was very long day. In the morning, we went to plant trees with Ministry of Environment staff. I will write about it in details, tomorrow. We reached back to the city by late afternoon. One of my Bogota based Indian friend […]