Reached Guatemala

D 765 Day, April 23, 2018 Location: Analilian’s home in Guatemala City capital of Guatemala in Latin America. Reached Guatemala and its end of Central America continent. Crossing border between El Salvador and Guatemala was relatively easy because Juan told me that he will drop me to bus stop, Analilian told me that she will […]

Deficency of Courage

D 760 Day, April 18, 2018. Location: San Salvador capital of En Salvador in Central America continent. It was Akshay Tritiya. According to Indian mythology, it is one of three auspicious days in a year. Lot of people in India buy gold on this day believing that it brings prosperity. My family do not believe […]

El Salvador Environment Minister accepts request #WishNewTree

D 759 Day, April 17, 2018 Location: San Salvador capital of El Salvador Happy Akshay Tritiya! Today, I had appointment with Environment Minister of El Salvador at 11.30am. As always got up, got fresh and had breakfast. A friend helped me for the direction to reach Ministry by bus. The distance was just two km […]

Crossing Honduras border

D 756 Day, April 13, 2018 Location: hostel in San Salvadorcaputal of El Salvador in Latin America. At 10 am, I left the hostel in border town in Honduras. My plan was to reach San Salvador capital of El Salvador as early as posssible. A friend had recommended me a direct bus from Tegucigalpa which […]

Welcome to Honduras

D748day, April 6, 2018 Location: Tegucigalpa capital of Honduras, in Central/Latin America Entered into one of the most violent and conflict zone of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador Yesterday. Border crossing between Nicaragua and Honduras was relatively easy. I had a direct bus. The conductor had sent my visa details to border as soon as […]