Volunteering at Bash n Crash

D 487 Day July 18, 2017 Location: Quito, Ecuador, Latin America It was in La Paz in Boliva. Romana Mikolas a friend had advised me not to travel to La Paz for four days as weather department had forecasted that the city will have untimely rain and temperature will go down up to minus degree […]

Honoured to meet Amb Chakravorty

As standard operating procedure, weeks before my visit, I send emails to Indian Embassy in every country on my route, to inform them about my activity. I did not need to send email to Indian Embassy in Lima as Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty, 1996 batch IFS officer had seen a tree planting tweet of Indian Embassy […]

Paratha in La Paz

Paratha in La Paz D 438 Day, June 3, 2017 Location: Lila house, La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America Physical status: Fluctuating, better Today, Lila Jessica and other volunteers of Asociacion de Amistad Bolivia-India invited me for dinner. Day started with upset stomach. I did not have breakfast or lunch. I was only on ORS/ glucose […]

No RIP Mahatma Gandhi

No RIP Mahatma Gandhi D 437 Day, May 30, 2017 Location: Tea shop in La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America Since I left India, I chose not to react to any political or social incident in India or any part the world. Today, I think, I should write and this is not a mere reaction to […]

Inching Towards Normality

Inching Towards Normality D 435 Day, May 28, 2017 Location: La Pas, Bolivia; Latin America Physical status: Much better. Meditation, Sorrochi pills and diet is working. Temperature: -1 to 7 d celcius This morning, weather was very cold. The website recorded minimum temperature  -1 and maximum 7 degree celcius. I got up early and working […]

Brazilian Love Story

D 417 Day, Wednesday May 10, 2017 Location: Chapada dos Guimaraes, Brazil, Latin America Update: Today, I was caught by unusual rains. Passport is safe. Brazilian Love Story: He is 23 and He is 38 and both are happily married. After the visit to local waterfall, I was searching for a cheap but decent restaurant. […]