Butter Paratha on New Year

Butter Paratha on New Year D 655Day January 1, 2018 Location: Rohit’s house in North Bogota, Colombia, Latin America Every year on January 1st, before the dawn, I used call a friend or if she gets up before me, she used to call me. We used to watch rising sun of New Year, from different […]

Idali Sambar on 31st

Idali Sambar on 31st D 654 Day, December 31, 2017 Location: Rohit’s house in North Bogota, Colombia, Latin America Last week, I met Indian origin US army veteran in the hostel. He said that it is long time and he did not eat Idli-Sambar a typical South Indian traditional dish. He said, “Lets find some […]

Weekend trip

D 637 Day, Thursday, December 14, 2017 Location: Bogota, Colombia, Latin America It was last weekend in Pacho. Saturday night, it was raining heavy. Even it was raining on Sunday morning 8am. At 8 am, there was a small dry spell. Amalia proposed how is to go to water fall. She takes all work-away volunteers […]

Happy birthday Oscar

D 623 Day, December 2, 2017 Location: Pacho near Boota in Colombia, Latin America It was bit relax morning. I got up at 6.30 am. I meditated on bed and then replied to whats app and messenger. While talking to family members, I made Tinto (black coffee). I do not drink anything in the morning […]


D 616 Day, November 18, 2017 Location Pacho near Bogota, in Colombia, Latin America Last week was very horrible and terrible. There was miscommunication with me about last date of my visa in Columbia. Thankfully, I learned it bit early. Indian Embassy helped me to sort out the issue otherwise I would have been defaulter. […]

Sunday Fun Party

D 596 Day, November 5, 2017 Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, Latin America It was Sunday morning. From last week, Amalia was thinking some plan for outing. She asked me how is idea to go to a waterfall. I did not reply to her question. It was raining and I do not want to get […]