D 616 Day, November 18, 2017 Location Pacho near Bogota, in Colombia, Latin America Last week was very horrible and terrible. There was miscommunication with me about last date of my visa in Columbia. Thankfully, I learned it bit early. Indian Embassy helped me to sort out the issue otherwise I would have been defaulter. […]

Sunday Fun Party

D 596 Day, November 5, 2017 Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, Latin America It was Sunday morning. From last week, Amalia was thinking some plan for outing. She asked me how is idea to go to a waterfall. I did not reply to her question. It was raining and I do not want to get […]

Halloween Preparation

Halloween Preparation D 590 Day, October 30, 2017 Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, Latin America Status: Hoping against hope It was very pleasant surprise in the morning. There were some Facebook birthday notifications. I wished all four persons who have their birthday today. Yesterday, I could not wish so I wished three persons who had […]

Day with Baron family

D 589 day, October 29, 2017 Location: Bogota, Colombia Status: Hoping against hope… I got up really early morning because of sound of rain. It was heavy raining in the morning. I was just lying in the bed. Then I did small mediation and yoga. By then Amalia got up. She made black coffee. I […]

#WishNewTree at Pacho

#WishNewTree at Pacho D 585 Day, October 25, 2017 Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, South America. Earlier last week, one evening, I had gone to a restaurant with Amalia. It was famous restaurant for sweets, particularly ‘Aroz con Letche’ (Rice with Milk / Colombian kheer) in downtown of Pacho. Amalia is important person in the […]