Thousand of Desires, Each Worth Dying For!

D 273 Day

Location: Sonali & Mahesh Kulkarni house Sydney, Australia.

Ten years ago, after 11-hour-long night shift in a Call Center, I was sleeping during the ecture. Prof Shardool Thakur was kind enough to allow me to do that on the last bench. That day, after the class he asked me to wait in the class. After the lecture, he was telling me something which I could not understand because I was feeling sleepy. What I remember, he had recommended me to watch ‘Hazaron Khwaishe Aisi’ movie. I came out of class, Rohini Pawar was waiting for me on her moped to drop me at my room.


Over a decade, still I remember his recommendation to watch that movie. I could not watch that movie over years. But the title song was my favourite song which I could neither understand nor remember. Still I used to listen to that song again and again.

(Nov 27) Today, I had two tasks. I spend almost all the day but I could not achieve objectives. In the second session, I do not want to do any work and wanted some recreation. I thought to watch some movie. Mahesh was free. He gave me his laptop. I was searching for latest movie on google. I got some results and liked Sairat, Bahubali and Bajirao Peshwe titles. Then suddenly, a window popped in my subconscious mind – how is Hazaron Khwaishe Aisi? I said lets go for it.

In the he opening scene, Nehru is delivering his historic speech of Tryst with Destiny’: Long years ago, we made tryst with destiny…. At stroke of the midnight, when the world sleeps, India will awake to like and freedom’. And the next line comes: Neither it was midnight nor the world was sleeping. It was 3.30pm in New York then. It was no less than a tight slap!

That line is evidentiary that the wrier is not a mere blind copy cat. He had effectively used his mind, a creative mind. The movie is full of violence but the director effectively exhibited symbolic violence without showing sward fights. It shows a broom cleaning blood spill on roads.

Normally, I watch movie for ten minutes, if not liked I go to next movie. Regretably, I missed few good movies. But this movies engaged my imagination from the first scene. The movie start with riots on the back ground of Lt Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s banner. In the banner, Ms Gandhi has put her both palm together and greeting. It reads: Indira Gandhi ka Pradesh me swagat.

The movie unfold with exchange of letters. Two guys write a letters to a girl. I thought it would a conventional Bollywood love-triangle-story. Two heroes contest for one heroin. One of them will die at end and she will marry with another. I was wrong. It was unconventional love square. There are three gentlemen and one heroin. She has physical relationship with three of them at some point of time which is not accepted in Indian society, yet she wins sympathy of audience. I love the way, writer presented her character.

In a way, the prime theme of movie is not different than that of Rang De Basanti – young and inexperienced minds want to change the world over a night. But, it totally different. I think I should not spoil your joy of watching movie so I am not going to tell the story. I watched it back to back and may watch again, if time permits.

After the movie, I was wondering why did Prof Shardool had recommended me that movie, personally. I never had Hazaron Khwaishe. I was straight like an arrow then. My objectives was very crystal clear since I left my home in teen age. The prime objective: from where I am going to get next meal? During the college, I did not participated any trip, cultural programme except farewell function. 11 hours work  and 3 hours College and 90 minutes of transport per day.  Life was very uncertain and insecure then. Even as compare to today.

I wish to ask Prof Shardool why did he recommended me that movie. I wonder, he whether remembers me because I was not very intelligent like Sudhir Mathpati or Yashwant Handigab and few girl. My target was to get B+ / 55% marks which is requirement to be a lecturer. In the first part I had 55.25% and in second part too same 55.25%. Exact same! See how calculative I was.

By the way, I have a Khwaish and worth dying for. I am dying for it!


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