Gandhi & Colombian President Juan

Why Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos knows more about Gandhi than any other President?


Volunteering for bed n breakfast

D 662 day, October 1, 2017 Location: Hostel Rua 116, Bogota, Colombia, Latin America Volunteering in exchange of bed and breakfast You would be surprise to know that my average expense is 5USD per day! This is possible because I do volunteering in exchange of bed and breakfast.  Wherever, I have to stay more than […]

“Tu Pasando?” Agents

D Day 548, September 17, 2017. Location: Bogota, Colombia, Latin America “Tu Pasando?” (Are you illegal migrant and wanted to get into US?) Every time, while crossing from one continent to another continent there are scores of problems. I have crossed South America and reached in Bogota in Colombia. Colombia is north most country that […]

#WishNewTree Ecuador

#WishNewTree D 539 Day, September 8, 2017 Location: Bogota capital of Colombia in Latin America It was last week in Quito, in Ecuador Pedro Ponce an Environment lover Ecuadorian proposed an idea to plant a tree in Quito city. Without wasting any moment, I said YES. He said that he will get a plant, coordinate […]

Little Nicole

D 538 Day, September 7, 2017 Location: Bogota capital of Colombia, Latin America Update: Reached Bogota safely It was odd three weeks ago, Environment Minister of Ecuador Tarsicio Granizo accepted my request to plant a tree. Since his schedule was busy and he has no time free for tree planting. So we have decided to […]