It Is Too Funny Now

D 817 Day, June 15, 2018 Location: Warm Heart Community, Mexico City, Mexico, Latin America Eid Mubarak to all! Last night I reached here. I had sound sleep. This morning, I got up early. There was Yoga and Meditation class but I missed, purposefully. I was damn hungry and I could not concentrate. Then Sharyn […]

In The Safe Hands of Warm Heart

D 816 Day, June 14, 2018 Location: Warm Heart, Mexico City, Mexico, North America This evening, I reached Mexico City. Here, I got a volunteering opportunity with Warm Heart community. So, less tension about accommodation and food. Colleague volunteers with Warm Heart I had missed lunch. A new friend here, David gave me a banana […]

It wad Funny

D 815 Day June 13, 2018 Location: Friends House in San Luis Potosi in Mexico, North America Sorry for being late to write. SBI card has been expired and bank is reluctant to hand over new card to my friend. Central Bank of India card is not working in Menxican ATMs. Four days ago, I […]