Day with Baron family

D 589 day, October 29, 2017 Location: Bogota, Colombia Status: Hoping against hope… I got up really early morning because of sound of rain. It was heavy raining in the morning. I was just lying in the bed. Then I did small mediation and yoga. By then Amalia got up. She made black coffee. I […]

#WishNewTree at Pacho

#WishNewTree at Pacho D 585 Day, October 25, 2017 Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, South America. Earlier last week, one evening, I had gone to a restaurant with Amalia. It was famous restaurant for sweets, particularly ‘Aroz con Letche’ (Rice with Milk / Colombian kheer) in downtown of Pacho. Amalia is important person in the […]

Kheer and Dipavali in Colombia

Kheer and Dipavali in Colombia D 581 day, October 21, 2017 Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, Latin America It was Saturday and there was no work so I thought to sleep till late morning. However, in the morning, Khandoba started crying as another dog was hitting him. I rescued Khandoba and brought him inside the […]


D 580 day, October 20, 2017 Location: Pacho, Bogota, Colombia, Latin America It was bit relax day. We got up bit late by 6.45am and we were supposed to visit local school which was very close. This local school was celebrating ‘English Day’ so the teacher had invited me and my friend German (read Herman) […]

Plant without air and water

D 579 Day, October 18, 2017. Location: Poacha, neara Bogota, in Colombia, Latin America This botanical technology developed further may change life in the space. It was yesterday, one of my local friends Julia gave us ride to a botanical laboratory outside of Pocha, a small town near Bogota city. Here they grow lot of […]

D 578 Day

D 578 Day, October 17, 2017. Location: A small town in Colombia, Latin America It was a great day but starting was not really good. I went to a small restaurant for breakfast. Only suitable dish for me was omelette with corn (whole corn) rest all was meat. There was no other option, so I […]

House Without Border

House without borders D 575 day October 14, 2015 Location: Bogota, Colombia, Latin America (It was in Santiago, Chine on D 339 day ) I was waiting for Argentina visa in Santiago. Meanwhile, I was searching for some place to stay because of multiple reasons and mainly because Santiago is very expensive for me. The […]