Weekend trip

D 637 Day, Thursday, December 14, 2017

Location: Bogota, Colombia, Latin America

It was last weekend in Pacho.

Saturday night, it was raining heavy. Even it was raining on Sunday morning 8am. At 8 am, there was a small dry spell. Amalia proposed how is to go to water fall. She takes all work-away volunteers to water fall. This time, it was for new volunteer Mika.

I was in my thoughts or tension of visa. I wanted to say no for water fall but it sounds very rude. It was short notice but a grand plan as more than three families and two volunteers were supposed to go to water fall. At 10 am we started from house. Claudia Campos has come to house with her son on a moped.


Amalia had hired a vehicle of Diana. I call Diana as Tar de la Conoci. It is name of a Spanish serial. The main character Patricia has similar hair style like Diana. We were four in the vehicle – Amalia, Don Eduardo, Mika and me.


Christian Leoz, his parents and sister were already waiting for us on the road. We spotted Christian on the road. Then he followed our vehicle. For safety and security, Claudia was riding her moped on front. After Claudia was our vehicle and then Christian.


Black River crossing

The water fall is like one and half hour ride from house. It is not very far away. It is in mountains so vehicle goes slow. There are two roads to go to water fall. One was via crossing Black River and other was crossing mountains. Crossing mountains was secure by it was very long and tiresome. On other hand, crossing river is bit risky but it is short cut, just less than ten minutes.


We decided to take short cut via crossing river. Since it was raining so the river was overflowing. Water level was above thigh. We helped each other to cross the river. Then we reached the base camp. We had water and few bananas here. Then we moved to water fall.


It was ten minutes walk through beautiful greenery. I felt that I had seen the same scene in some English movies.  It is beautiful path and at end is water fall. All went in the water. Don Eduardo climbed up on the top of water fall. I know it was dangerous but I also followed with him. It was a mistake.


The water was very cold. It was freezing cold. At last, I also went under the water fall. We swam for half an hour and then went to base camp. The host had already cooked chicken and vegetables for me.


Amalia and the other host is cooking at base camp

The cooking was very simple and natural. They boil chicken with local vegetables. In chicken they add local spices but no chilli. When we were eating, it started raining. All scrambled in a small tin shade.




After lunch we came to the base of mountain where we had parked cars. I wanted to ride Claudi’s moped but already had had committed mistake by climbing on the top of water fall. I got hurt also. This was first time, I got hurt during two years long journey. So, for the good, I sat in car.



Christian’s parents

When we reached home, Oscar had already made tinto for all. Everyone enjoyed hot tinto and went to their respective homes.

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