D 616 Day, November 18, 2017

Location Pacho near Bogota, in Colombia, Latin America

Last week was very horrible and terrible. There was miscommunication with me about last date of my visa in Columbia. Thankfully, I learned it bit early. Indian Embassy helped me to sort out the issue otherwise I would have been defaulter. Eventually, I got relief for seven days.

During the whole last week, I never had lunch. Only breakfast and dinner which was also like breakfast. In addition to that weather was also worst Bogota – too cold and rain. I had almost forgot how to smile. I tried to smile at some passenger in bus but my lips were too rigid to smile.


Clean, warm and soft bed, ready to sleep!!!

On Friday I wanted to come back to HOME in Pacho. I missed the taxi service and my host Amalia asked me not to travel at night as it is risky. I went back from North to city center. Hostel said that they do not have bed.

I was almost to cry. It was almost 11pm which was terrible late in Bogota center. It is not safe to travel at that time. Eventually, I got a bed in other hostel.


I bought a cake from Bogota. So, we celebrated birthday of Don Eduardo. it was not his actual birthday. it was for fun. Next is Amalia my host.

Next morning, I again went to taxi center. After long waiting I got a taxi for Pacho. At afternoon I reached Pacho. It was raining and taxi did not drop me at house. I waited till rain stop. Eventually, after long waiting it stopped.

At 3pm I reached at gate of house. Khandoba our dog was on the ground. He started barking at me. He was running around me and pulling my pants. It was very great feeling that someone knows me. Someone loves me in foreign land. What makes the difference that someone is a puppy of dog.


I cooked Chicki!! How does it look like

Don Eduardo was at house. We spoke for sometime then he served me lunch. He had cooked rice. I am fan of his rice. He cooks rice very differently. He told me the recipe which is similar to Indian but his rice had delicious taste. I felt very good after food.

My hair were odd and even. I did not cut them from last three months. My trimmer had developed some technical tag. So I could not cut my hair. Eventually, I had to go to barber shop. This was my third time to visit barber shop.


Luxury of barber shop.

First time, it was in Myanmar and I paid Rs.50 or less than a USD. Second time, while leaving China for Australia. I paid Rs.150 or 180 which was close to 3USD. Today, I paid 7000 Colombian paisos (2700 CP is 1 USD) So, odd 3 USD OR RS.200. It was including shampoo. I did because house does not have hot water. It was late evening and it was very cold.

When i went to barber shop they knew about me. I had visited few schools here and taught yoga and maths so most of the people knows me. Amalia is famous teacher in city. More than a half city know her.


At night when I entered to my room, my host Amalia had cleaned my room. She made my bed as my mother prepare for me. It was a great feeling when I rested my back on the bed.


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