Around The World in 600 Days

D 602 Day, November 11, 2017

Location: Pacho near Bogota in Colombia, Latin America

Status: Now feeling much better

On Tuesday, I am going for US visa interview third time on Tuesday. From last four days, I was feeling slight pressure. It was visible and tangible. I did not feel to write so I did not write blog even on the completion of 600 days which was two days ago.

However, during the day, I was best as I am always. I went to three different schools on mountains just odd 100 km from Bogota. I performed yoga with students, taught them paper lanterns, played football, chasing on one leg and just ran behind students on the ground.

Evenings were long and making me nervous. Whenever I write a blog, the counting of number of days make me nervous. It is 600 days I had left my home in India.


In the last two days, I made calls to my friends in Mumbai and New Delhi. I requested them for the help. Even I begged for help.

Today, I watched 3 Idiots Bollywood movie.

Later, I felt, I am becoming mean for US visa. I should not be mean.

If I get US visa it is good. If not, I will find alternate option and Capt Dilip Donde had recommended me alternate route. This is not the best but another way to reach to India by land.


Well, I will face the interview, honestly and sincerely.

I have been trying to understand the concept of Anicha. It is something like not getting attach to materialistic things.

I am trying that outcome of US visa should not affect the peace of my mind.


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