Pirates of Black River in Colombia

Halloween: Pirates of Black River in Colombia

D 591 Day, October 31, 2017

Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, Latin America

Status: Hoping against hope on US visa front

Halloween!!! Quiero paz, quiero amor, Quiero dulces, por favour.

Day started at 5.15 am. There were 15 boys and girls in the house and only one toilet so there was a long queue. I got fresh quickly. Amalia was already ready. She was coordinating and managing with others.

I went into the kitchen. It was my responsibility to cook but I did not feel to break 30 eggs. Two girls helped me to break eggs and cooked egg scramble for 15 peoples. In the hurry, I cooked all eggs with hot dog. I do not eat hot dog. I ate one piece of bread with cheese.


Pirates of Black River in Colombia. From Right to left: Me, Don Eduardo and Amalia

Then we put all food items, camping, sports gears and scrambled 15 people in a small minivan. The school was like 50 minute ride from the house. The programme was in a rural school which was on the top of hill.

There were five schools so five groups. My task was to entertain all groups one by one for 45 minutes each. Since my task was teaching yoga so I could not eat there. I taught few assans. Students were very happy. And few parents also joined for yoga class.


Gang of Pirates. in Spanish Pirates de la Rio de Nigro.

I have enough time free in the morning, so I am utilizing it for learning yoga.


I was entertaining students with Yoga activity.

In the evening, I went with Diana and Amalia family to city center. It was raining heavily. Bearing heavy rains, small kids and even young women were walking on the street. Most of them were painting faces and hardly few were like me.


R to L : Diana, Maria Belen, Don Eduardo, Me Maria Paz , Amalia and her friend teacher.

We had some sweets in the famous hotel at center of the town. Then Diana had come with her two daughters – Maria Paz, Maria Belen and Martin. Martin was lazy like me. he had not painted his face.


L to Right: Me, Diana her daughters Maria Belen (smal kid in black top) a friend and Maria Paz in blue dress


Diana had painted her face similar like a girl in the Joker movie. Her look was fearful, except her smiling face. I joined with her two daughters and went to shops. We sang, “Quiero paz, quiero amor, Quiero dulces, por favour.” It would be like: I want peace, I want love and I want sweets/chocolates, please.



In Maharashtra, we have similar activity. We call it Dahi Handi. Halloween chi Dahi Handi

Shopkeepers were generously giving sweets to kids. At last one teacher who was friend of Amalia, gave me a chocolate. I did not eat it.

When I came home, I was very tired. I had no energy. I ate and resting on dinner table. Amalia took broom and she started cleaning house. She cleaned hall and bathroom. I was feeling very guilty then I joined to her to in mission cleanliness. When I went to bed, I was almost half dead.


D 594 Day, November 3, 2017

I got up early morning at 6.35 to help to Amalia to get ready. She does not need any help, except to hold Khandoba as he runs after the car. She is afraid that Khandoba may come under the tire. So, I hold the Khandoba till she leaves. For the breakfast, I fried readymade Aareppa.

Since yesterday, I was postponing to cook Kheer. Today, I thought I must cook it. Besides, I was in good mood. Mood of the cook affects the taste of the food. I started cooking at 10.45. At first, I put three litres milk on gas. Then I fried some rice with butter and added it into milk.

There was not measurement to count sugar. So, I just guessed and put sugar in milk with my hands, hoping it may go well. Then I added fried coconut and almonds in it. By 1.30pm Kheer was ready.

Simultaneously, I cut vegetables for vegetable-rice. And the height is that I started cooking Aareppas, meanwhile . It was bit complicated to cook three dishes at a time. I was in perfect calm mood so all three dishes went very well.

By 1.30 pm, Amalia returned from the school. She helped me to boil vegetables. She did not add any spice except pinch of salt. After the lunch don Eduardo made fruit juice.

After the lunch, I was reading a news report that Ajit Kumar Doval (Rtd IPS) and present National Security Advisor to PM, his son’s company had merged with a company belong to Saudi prince. While reading, I felt sleepy. I went to my room and slept for an hour.

Then we have some guest at house and then we distributed kheer with other families.

Now, my famous serial : Tarde la Conoci is on. So, my attention is divided. So, please allow me to take your leave.

Thank you very much for taking interest in my blog.

With a hug. Vishnu



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