Halloween Preparation

Halloween Preparation

D 590 Day, October 30, 2017

Location: Pacho near Bogota, Colombia, Latin America

Status: Hoping against hope

It was very pleasant surprise in the morning. There were some Facebook birthday notifications. I wished all four persons who have their birthday today. Yesterday, I could not wish so I wished three persons who had celebrated their birthday yesterday.

One of the persons replied immediately. Out of curiosity I asked her do you know me or had we met earlier. Answer was negative. She said that she knows me through Capt Dilip Donde and Cdr Abhilash Tomy. Her Facebook name was Himi.


She is Maria Belen (9 years old) great grand daughter of my host. She is very sweet girl and famous in school too. I went to her school twice to teach Yoga. Both times, she had solid reasons not to perform yoga. But, she was helping me for management and coordination as I dont speak Spanish.

She told me she is one of the five Indian Navy women officers who are on board INSV Tarini, embarked on Circumnavigation of globe by sea. It was really pleasant surprise to meet her online such a way.

We have two things in common, our mentor: Capt Dilip Done first Indian successfully completed Circumnavigation of globe and brought honour to Indian Navy and India. And second thing, we are embarked on similar global level adventurous journey.


She took long pause and lot of acting before to accept my flower. She her pose as if she is professional actor. She is just 9 years old. (Note: I took permission from her parents to post her pics)

Due to different time zones, we could not chat loner. It was morning in Latin America and night in Australia. Today, I was at home. I did not go to school with Amalia.

In the morning, I had long yoga session. I got a Spanish yoga book from Indian Embassy in Bogota. I searched easy yoga poses for children. I enjoyed yoga for long time till I get hungry. Then, I was online on Facebook and Whats app for longer. When the hands of clock met at 12.45 I realised that today is my turn to cook lunch.


Selfi with class 8 students. Khandoba is upset today. He made my room dirty so I did allow him to come in.

I ran in the kitchen. First thing, I searched what vegetables are there. There was a carrot, portion of flower and some green beans. I put them in the frying pan with oil. Cooking for Latin people is very simple. They do not eat any spice. Just fry vegetables and put some salt and food is ready.

In another pot, I put rice to boil. Till they cook, I took one apple and four bananas and make milk shake. By the time, Amalia reach food was almost cooked. And she get fresh, food was on the table. Here, I got ‘Puneri’ habit. In Pune a famous city in Maharshtra, India all people close their shops and office after lunch for power nap.

Today, I did not get power nap as we had to prepare for Halloween. I went with Amalia to the market and brought some clothes for Halloween. I was not really eager to buy. I thought it might not be worth to spend money. Still, I bought a pirate-cap and something to put one an eye like pirate.

In the evening, when I came back home, there were several students at house. They were unloading boxes of decoration, food and drinks. I realised that it is grant festival tomorrow.

Let me tell you the scene here.

It is 9.45pm. We are total odd 15 people in the house. Three of us are adult – Amalia, Don Edward and me and rest are class 8 students. They would be odd 13/14 years old. Except two couples, all are sitting in hall and TV is on. Someone, naughty boy had hidden the control and we are watching at each other’s face in embarrassment. There is a serial which is for adult people. In the serial, two students are in the bed. They are kissing each other, desperately. It is a French kiss. The camera is very close.

Now, two students in serial are engaged in compromising position. Thankfully, one student is playing a game on computer so it is suppressing the voice of serial. We want to change the channel but all are quite.

Remote of TV is missing. The bed scene is very hot. Some students are staring at TV and rest are watching each other’s face. The scene is hot enough to generate biological reaction in the body, or at least in my body. Now, I wanted to stand up and close the TV but I cannot. It would be rude. At last, there is an advertisement break on serial.

In India, we would not have allowed to play such serial in front of teacher. The height is that, one student came holding a cigarette in his hand and asked for lighter. In India, we never ever smoke in front of parents and teacher. Imagine, if similar scene in India, the teacher would have slapped student till his chick turns read.

Now the channel is changed. All students are working on their costume for Halloween. They are working sincerely. And two couples are busy on mobile.

Well, now I give a pause here. See you tomorrow.

Thank you very much for taking interest in my blog.



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