Volunteering at Bash n Crash

D 487 Day July 18, 2017

Location: Quito, Ecuador, Latin America

It was in La Paz in Boliva.

Romana Mikolas a friend had advised me not to travel to La Paz for four days as weather department had forecasted that the city will have untimely rain and temperature will go down up to minus degree Celsius. She advised me to stay in Cochabamba one of the cities in Bolivia.

My Indian ATM cards were not accepted by Bolivian banks. Only one commercial bank accepted my card. And the same bank has no ATM in other cities. I had no money. Even the emergency fund of 50USD had dried up. Only option was to go to La Paz and get the money. So, I had move to La Paz against the advice of Romana.

When I reached La Paz, it was already late evening and the sky was engulfed with dark clouds. My mouth was dried like cotton and wanted to take rest at bus stop. Thankfully, I did not. I walked around the station in search of cheaper hostel.


While walking on road a French couple advised me Bash and Crash hostel which was in next square. The charges were less than 10 USD per night so it was in my budget and settled my camp here. When I reached hostel, it started raining.

I had sent a request to Bolivian President for tree planting at his office or residence. It was taking time. So, I put a request to Bash and Crash hostel for volunteering. They offered my request.


My job was to work at reception from 11pm to 7 am. It was eight hours but, there was no work so I worked on computer till 12 midnight and then used to sleep till 6 am. Against that they gave me free bed and breakfast.

It was group of more than eight to ten volunteers including Lea Karaman, Caio Peixoto, Martin Cabezas Rios, Andrea Kraus, Lea Russel , Julieta Costamagna and Tarik. We were a big group. One of us used to take initiative to cook lunch and dinner. And hostel used to pay for ration and vegetables. It was great time of volunteering at Bash and Crash.


I found that volunteering is very good option. It gives opportunity to work in different country and chance to meet new people. Most important, one can save money of hostel and food.

Before I finish this post, I must express my gratitude towards Caio. He administered me artificial oxygen one morning when I could not breath on my own. I was suffering from high altitude sickness.

Thank you Bash and Crash for giving me opportunity of volunteering.


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