Paratha in La Paz

Paratha in La Paz

D 438 Day, June 3, 2017

Location: Lila house, La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America

Physical status: Fluctuating, better

Today, Lila Jessica and other volunteers of Asociacion de Amistad Bolivia-India invited me for dinner. Day started with upset stomach. I did not have breakfast or lunch. I was only on ORS/ glucose water. My health was never deteriorated during the journey. I wanted to say no to dinner to Lila but that would have been very discourteous.

In the afternoon, two volunteers have come to my hostel to pick up me. I went with them to Lila’s house which is relatively close from my hostel. When I reached her house, Lila, Stephanie Adriana and other volunteers were busy in cooking.

I was wondering, what they are going to cook and how can I respond to their food because my stomach was upset. In the beginning they put potato chips and I thought it is good option. Lila stays in high rise so most of the city is visible from her window.


Dinner at Lila’s house with AABI volunteers

Lila has prepared Paratha (thick type of Indian bread), curd and chicken. Of course, chicken was for other members. I don’t eat chicken. Paratha was smooth and light spicy. I took half of it. It was delicious. Imagine someone gets Paratha in La Paz 3,600 meter above the sea level. I wanted to have some more but I controlled. After the dinner, we had fruit salad.


Before the lunch, Lila’s daughter Sanjana had come from nursery school. After ten minutes, we became friends. She was very happy with me. She requested me, if I could stay with her for some longer time. I promised, may be next time, which I don’t know when.



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