No RIP Mahatma Gandhi

No RIP Mahatma Gandhi

D 437 Day, May 30, 2017

Location: Tea shop in La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America

Since I left India, I chose not to react to any political or social incident in India or any part the world. Today, I think, I should write and this is not a mere reaction to the ‘Beef Feast’ held by some unscrupulpous members of Congress, in Kannur in Kerala, which is considered as one of the most literate states in India. These are conscious thought.

In the name of protest against the ‘Cattle Sale Ban’, a mute 18-month-old ‘animal’ was dragged and later butchered publicly in an open vehicle and later the meat was distributed free of cost to the onlookers.

By protesting the cow slaughter ban imposed by the government in this fashion, these members have exhibited how debased they are.

What I am wondering is that these gentlemen forgot that they are members of the Indian National Congress, the political party whose icon Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma (the Great Soul) was the strongest protagonist of the principle non-violence and compassion to all living beings, not just human beings.

Even when the some fanatic British officers fired and lathi charged at Congress workers during famous ‘Salt Protest’, Gandhi taught them to be peaceful and non violent during the protest. Non violent opposition was Gandhi’s contribution to the movements for political and economic rights fought all over the world.

His story of ‘Civil Disobedience inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Through his ‘weapon’ of non violence, Gandhi showed way of peaceful protests which was eventually adopted by Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela and many others.

What one should eat is one’s own choice.  But while asserting one’s right, one must not display cruelty to animals and hurt the sentiments of others.

During my trip to Australia, one friend who offered me a lift in the Outback of Australia told me that Australian govt allows people to kill Kangaroo, which is their National Animal, if and when the animal endangers grasslands, harvest or wildlife.

I guess, number of cows in India is considerably low . Moreover, cows are peaceful animal and do not cause harm.


Image: Satish Acharya,

Except, sometimes, they squat on the roads and slow down the traffic.

I am wondering how Mahatma Gandhi would have reacted after the reading the news of the ‘Beef Feast’ organised by his partymen as protest against the Government of India’s policy of banning slaughter of cows.  I am sure, he would have shed tears in his grave.


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