Inching Towards Normality

Inching Towards Normality

D 435 Day, May 28, 2017

Location: La Pas, Bolivia; Latin America

Physical status: Much better. Meditation, Sorrochi pills and diet is working.

Temperature: -1 to 7 d celcius

This morning, weather was very cold. The website recorded minimum temperature  -1 and maximum 7 degree celcius. I got up early and working on mobile and chatting with friends, doctors and parents. No one has got up till 10 am. At 10.30am, most of the mates in hostel gathered for free breakfast.

After breakfast, I did meditation for some time. In late afternoon went for lunch with Marcela. Then to eye hospital. I had lost my glasses in Rio de Janeiro. I thought to check my eyes in Brazil but there was long queue and check up charges was 150 brazilian units (Rs.3,000) which was very expensive. Eye check up is just 30 Bolivians (Rs.300) in Govt hospital and 75 Bolivian paisos (Rs750) in private hospital. It was weekend so could not work out.

I had invitation for dinner at Alexander’s place. Alex is working in Bolivian Govt and he had worked as journalist before to join govt job. He had cooked some beans with meat. Before he add meat, his girl friend had got some beans for me. Meanwhile, I cooked salad dressing which I had learned in Vipassana center and in Indian Restaurant.



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