On Oxygen Support

D 431 Day. 24 March, 2017

Location: La Pas Bolivia, Latin America

Status: physical status is better but still have small headache and ache in legs. Most imp: found a Bolivian bank where my credit card works.

From last two days, I did not have money. I hard bargained for bus ride and in hostel i convinced them that my card is not working so please allow me to stay a night and next morning, i will find some options.

The receptionist was young French girl Laiela. Her friends later told me, everyone has same problem in Bolivia. Laila allowed me to stay and gave me some raw rice. I boiled it and ate, without salt or spice. It was fun.

I got up early but did not come out of bed because of directions from Col Nitin Joshi popularly known as Col Jo. I had happened to be in his company for one month and traveled through the toughest terrains of India.


He had explained the concept of acclimatization. His instructions were simple for high altitude: first two days or if possible three days, no work, no walk, just rest and liquid diet. Human body is just blood, flesh and bones so dont play with it. Following the same. Thanks Col Jo.

In the afternoon Marcela a former Bolivian journalist had come to meet me. Then we went to lunch. No doubt, I had some salad and two bowl of soups. And of course, local Coca Tea.  She had invited me for her Indian Dance Class and a theater performance. Unfortunately, I could not go out. Even i could not go out for dinner. Marcela was kind enough to bring some fruits – banana, orange, some bread and packet of Coca Tea. I had it.

There are some issues with bank and other. I got WIFI, time, place and electricity so wrote emails to them. Its 2300 hours local time. I give a pause here and take your leave. Thank you.


This night was sleepless and most painful in the recent years. I finished the diary page for Facebook and went to bed. It was already 11 pm and I pulled my blankets. Rest of five room mates were already sleeping.

After sometime, I  found difficulty in breathing. So, I moved on right side so that hearth can breathe. I was restless and tried to follow the sleeping technique told by Goyanka in Vipassana but that could not work because I could not breathe.

I slept for some time and I had dream. It was obscure dream. I was waiting for someone and someone had not come. So, I was trying to search someone. I walked long distance and again came back to same point where I started. It was depressing in the dream. I got up and I was breathing with mouth as nose was closed.

Same dream was repeated at least three times. I could not breathe and I felt that it is the judgement moment and I am going to die in few moments. I breathed fast with my mouth. I resolved that I need to pull all my conscious, courage and power together and fight with it to survive.

Then I thought, I should meditate. I sat crossed legs on my bed. I could not meditate because for meditation one need smooth breathing which I did not have. It was affecting balance of my mind. I was feeling depressed which is very new feeling to me.

It was very long night. I was waiting for the Sunrise. In morning, I felt sleeping. I got up at 9 am (May 25, 2017). I went to reception and asked them whether they have medicine for high altitude. They said no. Then they advised me that I should take oxygen. They got the oxygen cylinder and put mask on my face.

This was first time, I was put on oxygen. After ten minutes, I felt very good and headache was disappeared. After sometime, I took breakfast – two pieces of bread and butter and big mug of Coca leaves tea. After breakfast I went to bed.

I was feeling very weak. I could not move my body swiftly. Last time, similar feeling was in November 2015, when I had gone through a cosmetic surgery. I did not tell my parents about surgery. I was staying at Abhijit’s house. Today, I was desperately feeling my friend Abhijit Bangar and his wife Dr Rucha Lahane and their assistants – Bahadur and Ravi.

In the afternoon, Marcela had come to visit me. She took me for lunch. I had two soup and bought some fruits.


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