Brazilian Love Story

D 417 Day, Wednesday May 10, 2017

Location: Chapada dos Guimaraes, Brazil, Latin America

Update: Today, I was caught by unusual rains. Passport is safe.

Brazilian Love Story: He is 23 and He is 38 and both are happily married.

After the visit to local waterfall, I was searching for a cheap but decent restaurant. At last, I found one. It looked very new restaurant and infrastructure gave impression that its very luxury. The system was ‘Self Service’ and unlimited food for 16 reaises (Rs320). In Indian money, it may sounds expensive but it was cheapest in Latin America.

As a hungry backpacker, I was eating for long time and all the customers had left by now. They were closing the restaurant. One young boy was putting chairs and tables in line. As courtesy, I greeted ‘Oi! Todobon!!’ (Hello. How are you). I know that much Portuguese only. He switched to English.

There was nothing to speak so I asked, “Do you work here?”

He said, “No. I am the owner of the restaurant. I am undergraduate law student. Next year, I will graduate.” While paying the bill, there was another person. I asked him, is that his father? He said, “No. He is my husband?” I tried hard to hide my reaction but he noted my facial reactions and said, “Are you surprised?” And I admitted the fact that yes, I am surprised.

The boy introduced himself as Kaique Fonseca (23 year) and his husband as Alexadre Barao (38 years). He asked me how is it in India? I was in tactical dilemma. Neither I want to tell lie nor do I want to paint India in bad light. I said, “This is not good in India.” Since he is law student so he diplomatically asked, “What does your law say?”


Kaique Fonseca (23 year) and his husband as Alexadre Barao (38 year)

I said, “I left my country long back. So I don’t know what is present law? But few years ago, same sex marriage was crime.” He said that it was sad for people.

Alexandre said that it was he who spotted Kaique on a dating app ‘Tinder’. Then he wrote a long letter to him saying  ‘Foi como un reecontro de duas almas’ (It is reunion of two souls). Kaique said that he too liked Alexandre so he accepted his proposal for marriage, even though they have age gap of 14 years.


Alexadre Barao showing translation on mobile app.

I was very awkward to talk on this issue. Alexndre came with a stray of three cups of coffee and we sat on table. Alexandre who studied Publicity and Marketing did not speaks English so we were using translation mobile app. Kaique understand English.

I wanted to know their parent’s reaction. Alexandre said that his mother was happy. He said, “What matters for my mother is my happiness.”

I was more eager to know reaction of Kaique’s parents because he is relatively young. Kaique said, “My parents were agreed. They found Alexandre is responsible man.” He joked that his sister too liked Alexandre. He said when Alexander and he fight, his sister take side of Alexander saying his is very cool and calm man.

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Kaique Fonseca (23 year) and his husband as Alexadre Barao (38 year)

Kaique, a low student said that Brazilian laws supports to same sex marriage but there are still some prejudice about same-sex-marriage.


Both of them had married one and a half year ago. Kaique is from Alto Araguaia and now shifted to Chapada dos Guimaraes. They stay in a beautiful house with big garden. Both of them manage the restaurant and Kaique go to Cuiaba to study law in evening.


They have invited me to plant a tree at their house, tomorrow morning.

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