Chile–Argentina Border Crossing

Chile–Argentina Border Crossing

D 346 Day Feb 28

Location: Bariloche in Argentina

Successfully crossed border post between Chile and Argentina.

Every time, when I cross international border, I had some bad experience. This time, it was very smooth. On Chile side, they did not ask anything, just stamped and returned my passport and I boarded the bus.

On Argentina side, first officer could not speak English so went to another window. Fortunately, the lady speaks good English. She asked me whether you had hotel reservation Barilcohe city. That question was from blue. I did not have hotel reservation in Bariloche city. I had reservation in other city and Buenos Aries.

Honestly, I said, “I don’t have hotel reservation in Bariloche.”

The lady who was going to stamp on my passport, kept aside the stamp. I thought, honesty fucked me. I told her, I am going to meet a friend in Bariloche and then going to capital and I have reservation there.

She demanded to show the reservation. In confidence I got my mobile to show my reservation because I had one. Later I realised that my old mobile which has all data was stolen. I told her robbery incident. I asked for WiFi connection get the hotel reservation. She said it ok and stamped on my passport.

I declared I have one apple, one avocado and some dry fruits. Every time, before border crossing, I male list of articles I am carrying. I am ruthless while making list, I write number of undergarments too. Its better to declare. You never know which is prohibited. If you carry an apple or banana or piece of bread and don’t declare. Then one will be fined 300 Aus dollars.

The lady asked me to drop all fruits and dry fruits in the dustbin. Weather was too cold to eat fruits. Besides, it was raining. So without any thought I threw apple and avocado. But I was reluctant to drop dry fruits.

I argued with her politely that dry fruits are process food and it has company packing. But that was of no use. At last, I sat in front of her and started eating dry fruits. I hate throwing food at immigration. At last she said, “Finish it in bus. Go. Don’t carry till mainland” I distributed dry fruits with friends.

On the way, I met a Chilean couple in the bus Esella and Cristan. They have come to Argentina for vacation. We made a team and found a dormitory. Argentina is expensive. I did not have lunch today, only dry fruits. I was very hungry and there were limited options and food is expensive here.

I cooked some rice. I had carried rice from Chile. Rice was good. But there was no vegetable with rice. I wished to have some Rassssa liquid vegetable. I put some salt, pepper and oil on boiled rice and ate it.

It was superb. You can try it. Ha ha ha ha ha. In India no one will only rice with salt. I had no option so I closed my eyes and ate it. Moreover, I was very hungry so just swallowed it. I have to make a travel plan now. Lets say bye. I will keep you posted. See you tomorrow.

Thank you very much for taking interest in my travel diary and ready it. With lot of love and hug. Take care. See you.


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