Thank you Rio de Janeiro


D 400 Day, Sunday April 23, 2017.

Location: Transition from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia

My objectives in Rio de Janeiro are achieved: I got visa for Bolivia, planted a tree in a Church in Rio, did Vipassana meditation and got selfies (pics) at Christ the Redeemer’s statue which is one of the seven wonders in the world and at Sugarloaf Mountain. Now getting ready for next travel.


Tree planting in a Church



Tree planting preparation

Rio is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. It is as green as Perth city in Western Australia and as countryside Vietnam. Statue of Christo located at the peak of 700 meter Corcovado Mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park, is additional wonder. It is 30 meters (98 ft) tall excluding 8 meter (26 ft) pedestal and its arms stretch 28 meters (92 ft). It weights 635 metric tons. It is gigantic!


Other site I visited is Sugarloaf hills. Former Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai (Bombay) J.M. Phatak had advised me on Facebook  ‘You may like Sugarloaf’. I thought it would be some kind of sweet dish/bread. So, I went to an eatery and asked for it. Shopkeeper started laughing and said there is nothing called a dish Sugarloaf. Once upon time, it was in exist.

20170419_173107 (1)

Sugarloaf hills were discovered in 1502 by the Portuguese navigator Andre Goncalves. The name Sugarloaf comes from the similarity with the molds used by the Portuguese to transport sugar called Sugarloaf.

Thank you very much Rio for your kind hospitality!

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all friends for your cooperation to make my stay wonderful and fruitful. I will always cherish these memories in my heart.


At a church: with Father Thomas Kizhakethayil

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Father Thomas Kizhakethayil for giving me shelter in Rio de Janeiro city. It was my first time to inside the Church. I learned several things here. I was youngest member so three Fathers treated me as like youngest member of family. Thank you Sunish Thomas for sharing contact of Father with me.

Thank you Keshav Ananda, for inviting me to your home. It was great experience for me of home stay. Valeria is super cook. She cooks delicious food. Playing with Raj was great experience.


Right to left: Keshav, me, keshav’s on Raj, Keshav’s wife Valeria and Valeria’s sister Viviani.

Thank you Sulakshana Varhadkar  and Michelle Lopes for inviting me to your house and your kind hospitality and food. It was like an honour for me. Thank you very much.

20170402_184114 (1)

With Sulakshana Varhadkar

Thank you Danubia Pereira for your help for travel reservation. It is great help for me. It saved my lot of time and efforts.


With Michelle Lopes and her family.



With Michelle Lopes and her family.

One late night, I had lost direction and I was completely in mess. Then this nurse Joice Bastos came to rescue me. She spent long time with me to find right direction. She was standing beside me till I get right bus. Thank you very much Joice.

Thank you Edgard Leite,  Tatiana Neves Anderson Casulo, Filipi Wendel and Sachin Bhandary for your kind help.

Look forward to see you again, may be in India next time.


4 thoughts on “Thank you Rio de Janeiro

  1. Dear Vishnudas ….

    Ir was a pleasure to help.
    Whenever yoi nerd, I’m gere!
    Your blog, os very good, excelent

    Warm regards


    • Hello Danubia
      Sorry for being late to reply. I was travelling and no access to computer.
      Thank you very much for your appreciation and encouragement.
      I may need your help next week for a reservation, if possible. Regards Vishnudas


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