Kesha’s House

D 398 Day. Friday, April 21, 2017

Location: Keshav’s house, Campo do Coelho (Farm of Rabbits). Three hours ride from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

I met Keshav Ananda on Facebook. He is working as a Yoga teacher in a Spa in Rio de Janeiro city. Originally, he is from Pune in Maharashtra India. He settled in Campo do Coelho near Rio. He invited me to his house.

On Thursday night, we decided to meet at a church near Nossa Senhora de Paz metro station in Rio de Janeiro city at 7.30 pm. I reached on right time and then we started to his house which is another city. We reached his house by 2am today morning.


With Keshav Ananda

Today morning, when we started news, there was a news of robbery. It took place in same vicinity just an hour after we left. There was an CCTV camera and it captured the scene. Odd 5/6 robbers came equipped with bullet proof jackets and sophisticated guns (I never seen any of those with Indian Army). One of them went close and planted a bomb near door. All disappeared.

After few moments, there was a blast. They walked leisurely into the bank and came out. Few of them were giving cover by standing in front of door. Few vehicles and one cyclist were seen going from there. None of them had turned their neck to see what is going on. None of them had shown curiosity to see what is going on as if it were part of daily life. I thanked a god that we left early.

There was another robbery. I am not sure, whether that too was a bank. Robbers came with JCB earth mover machine and banged down the wall, went inside and go what they want and went away. It was clear in CCTV camera. This is how Brazil is.


Attending Kesha’s yoga class.

Day was great. In morning, I went to market with Keshav. Then I joined his yoga class. In evening, I cooked vegetable rice which went wrong as turmeric and other spices were not original.



It is very cold here. I am sleeping in the hall and writing this blog. While writing, someone was  banging on the door. I was bit afraid. Keshav opened the door. Two small baby dogs were shivering in cold. He brought them inside and put bed for them. One of the baby dog name Sita, was all day around me. This is only second dog, I had ever touched. First one was Hari.


With Kesha’s son Raj and puppy SITA

I watched National Geography show. I think, I can do better than them, if I get opportunity. Let see, if I get one. I would like to work in the jungle of Amazon rain forest.

Thank you very much for giving your time and attention to my story. with lot of love an a hug. Regards Vishnudas




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