Robbed yet Show Must Go On


D 343 Day

Location: Transition from Osorno, Chile to Argentina

Thanks for your moral support and cheering! I am ready for next leg of travel which is Argentina. Show Must Go On!

It would be false to say that I was not afraid after the robbery incident. Yes, I was afraid but the level of frighten did not affected my conscience and acted perfectly as per the standard operating procedure.

I lost bit of balance of my mind in last two days. It is not because of robbery. It is because of my attachment with a family. I was staying with a Chilean friend Dr Daniela Sandoval. I was staying at her house for four day.


Dr Daniela with her mother

Her mother is very sweet and she used to take care of me. I tried my hands in their kitchen. I cooked ‘Kihadi’ (vegetable rice) and Kheer (traditional Indian desert) Daniela will tell how was that? She joked that I know more than her, in her kitchen. I was not feeling to leave their house. I was missing them. The feeling of missing had affected a bit balance of my mind.

Naturally, one frightens when a gang of drug addict put knife on one’s stomach and take your money. In addition to that when one is in foreign country and don’t know their language and modus operandi.

I lost 50 US dollars which my Australian friend Karteek has asked me to keep aside for the same purpose. He had told me to keep some money, in case I met with drugs addict. He had instructed me not to fight with drugs addicts instead just throw some money and find the way out, without getting hurt.

I also lost two years old Microsoft mobile. I am happy that local people helped me to save Alpha Alpha bag which had passport, ATMS and laptop.

Well, robbery is part of journey. And I must keep my moral and confidence as high as possible to I can act in best way in future course of journey.

I was worried that my friend or parents will call me back after this incident. Instead, they asked me to be more strong and courageous and don’t look back.

‘Three idiots’ from college-friends were constantly in touch. I bought a new mobile. They helped me to restore the data and connections. My mobile is functional and I have established communication with my parents, team of friends and well wishers. I cant disclose names of friends. But, I got a new friend Varsha Bhandare, undergraduate student of journalism. She is constantly in touch and help me in daily task and coordinate on behalf of me.

Well, I am perfectly ready for next leg of travel which is Argentina. I did small research on the history, politics and mind set of people.




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