Fertile Mind: Hemchandra

January 5, 2017

Location: Govinda Valley, Sydney, Australia

Last month, I was staying at Govinda Valley. On weekend, it was raining in my part of suburb from last two days. Sky was engulfed with dark clouds. We could not do any service since morning. All volunteers were playing games in Tea room or working on their laptops.

I got a call from Hemchandra Suryawanshi, a Maharastrian who is settled in Sydney. He invited me to his house. I was staying in remote suburb of Sydney, far away from city. He stays in exact opposite suburb of the Sydney. I had dilemma whether to go or not. I have a rule, when someone shows courtesy, I must appreciate it.

I checked time table of train. It was total two hour journey and the frequency of train service was after one hour. I missed the scheduled train of 10.53am. He was gentle and said “No worry, catch another after an hour at 11.53am.” I realized that he had kept a day free for me. I was surprised, how people love me in foreign country. I felt sorry for myself.


With Hemchadnra Suryawanshi in Olympic park in Sydney

After two hours train ride, I reached to Sarthfield station. He had come to pick up me. He asked me how much time I had. I joked “Sir, my visa will expire by January 18. Till then I’m free and there was a big laughter. He gave me ride to Olympic park in Sydney. I missed Olympic park in China. We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant.


On weekends, Hemchandra works with a radio in free time. His mind is very fertile and his ideas are incredible.

He asked me, “What are you studying/ researching?”

I answered, “My last research was on ..”

Before I complete he asked me, “What did you read or research on Australia?”

The question was sudden out of blue. I was thinking for a moment. He said, “How can you waste valuable time.”


After a long pause I said, “Schedule is very packed in Govinda valley. I give service for five hours a day. Besides that, we have yoga class in morning, massage class in evening, kirtan, bhahan (devotional service), play football, volleyball and go to neighbouring beaches.”



He said, “Good. Massage and yoga are skills. It could be useful in future and I should give more focus.” He repeatedly trying to convince me that people are investing on me. I am not I am or Vishnudas. Now, I’m asset of the nation. I must return minimum three times more than what I get.


He asked me to give more focus on agriculture practice, food habits, local governance and find more platforms to connect with youth in India. I’m not sure how can I executive this one. (Please feel free to guide me on connecting to students/youth).

In four hours, he created storm in my brain. And his one more suggestion was that I should write ruthlessly truth and at least two hours a day. I’m not sure whether I can do it now but I need to increase my stamina to write.


I threw all my problems and he gave me solutions to them. My biggest problem is I don’t have laptop. All work is on two years old Microsoft mobile. (‘Please think twice before to buy this product’ this suggestion was by a customer care service executive who works in Microsoft showroom in Sydney). He said that he will manage to bring my laptop from India.

Next week, he managed to bring my laptop from India. You might have observed that in last few weeks frequency of my blog increased. Thank you to Hemchandra sir.


As usual, whoever helps me as gratitude and transparency I put the details on my blog.


Chandrakant Kulkarni,

Kartik Kadam,

Sharad Kanitkar,

Bhushan Mahajan,

Shirish Rabale and

Hemchandra Suryawanshi

Collectively gave me 450$ (Austrian).

Thank you very much for your kind help.



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