Special Day Special Dish!


D 256 Day

Location: Sonali & Mahesh Kulkarni’s house Sydney

(Nov 30) Today, I completed three months in Australia and waiting for visa. Coincidently it is 8th Marriage anniversary of my host Sonali’s and Mahesh’s marriage. This is the first time, that they are not together for the anniversary. Sonali got a month long leave and went to India for her brother’s marriage. Mahesh did not get long leave so he is in Sydney.


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Burrito Bowl Mexican dish

I had no appointment so, I was at home whole day. Mahesh worked from home. In the early evening when I was working on computer he went in the kitchen. I thought, he was on phone call and might have gone in kitchen for water or fruit. When I went into the kitchen he was pilling skin of avocado. It looked foreign/new dish for me. He said, ‘It is Burrito Bowl, a Mexican dish.’ I was standing away because I dont know anything of that dish.


Mahesh was busy in kitchen. 

He was totally engrossed in it. He carefully made dressing and toppings on the dish. In half hour, the bowl was ready! It was super yummy dish!

Thank you Sonali, I got party on behalf of you here!!


Long Live Happy Married Life! God bless you!!!


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