When SBI offers coffee!

D 251 Day

Location: Sydney, Australia.

(Nov 23) I needed a bank statement for some personal purpose. It was very urgent. I needed it in original form and in Sydney. One of my friend suggested to get bank statement from home branch and get attested in Sydney branch. Two days ago, I had inquired in State Bank of India (SBI) Sydney branch but a sweet looking lady on receptionist desk told me to to call a contact point back in India for help with original statement.

Today, I had resolved to get it done, today. If not, then at least shout at them at least just for FUN. I didn’t get opportunity to shout since left India.

I went to SBI Sydney branch which is very close to Wynyard railway station. It is round shape high rise building.  I requested reception she said, “We don’t have access to database and records from India” ‘We don’t do it’ sorry and apology and so on. I had already anticipated the reply. I demanded to speak to someone responsible who speaks to public. She asked me to wait.

I was trying to pretend to be angry. Vipassana effect, very difficult to be angry now. Still I tried hard to be angry.


Enter a caption

Lalita Majumdar

Meanwhile, a young lady came. She has a wide and contagious smile said, “How can I help you!” The angry mask on my face washed away. I was confused how to start conversation. I said one minute and looked into my mobile pretending to answer some text. Then I went to her. She introduced herself as Lalita Majumdar. I told my problem that an embassy asked for original bank statement. I need attestation, but my bank is in Mumbai.

She said” let me think of something.”. After sometime, she said, “I will do something since its related to your visa but I need time till Indian banks open.” I had reason to smile.  India and Australia are different time zones. Australia is ahead of India by 5.30 hours. I have other bank work and visa work so need access to computer. She guides me to one available for customers. It was long waiting from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. I started working.

After sometime she came and asked “what you would like to have?”

I said, “Bank statement with attestation.”

She laughed and said, “Do you prefer tea or coffee?” I thought she is joking so I just laughed and continued my work on computer. After few minutes, she came with a stray full of biscuits, cookies and a hot coffee. Trust me, here, I have a picture.


After sometime she came with papers in her hand. She had attested my bank statement.
Thank you very much Lalita Majumdar for your kind and timely help. Regards



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