90-Sec meeting with Tara

Earlier this month, I was chatting with Gayatri Sahatrabuddhe. As usual she asked me, “Where are you?”
I said, “In Melbourne”
She said, “One of my best friends Tara Patwardhan stays in Melbourne. She would be happy to meet you.” She was praising Tara for long time and I was patiently reading to her. She asked me to wait and went off line. After few minutes she said, “I had given your contact details to her. She will contact you.”


Gayatri did not give me Tara’s contact number. I had worked with Gayatri for more than four years so I know her. She never gives girls’ contact to boys. Every year, we had secret Santa in Afternoon DC newspaper. Gayatri used was coordinator. For one year, I was requesting and coaxing Gayatri: who is my Secret Santa, she is yet to tell me. That is how my friend is Gayatri!
For sure, I know that meeting is not going to take place because of multiple reasons – I was leaving Melbourne two days after, Gayatri did not have my Australian mobile number and as usual my mobile phone had no credit for data usage. All I rely on free WiFi.
That evening, Tara sent me text on Facebook inviting for dinner. Since, she was not in my friend list, so her text went to message-request-box which I had no access on mobile. I saw text next day and instantly give my mobile details. 

Next day, she invited me to her office. I had free morning so I thought let’s give a shot. Her office is in another sububr like odd 2.5 hour ride from my place. When I went to city, I received a text from Tara saying that she is not well, came back home to go to doctor. She asked me to come to her home. 
I got down from local train and ran for tram. Her house was stop No43 and I started from stop No.7 at Findler’s street. It was time taking tram ride so I slept till name of stop is announced. When I got down, Tara was already waiting near the stop.Visibly enough she was not well, yet she had wide smile. 
I said, “My name is Vishnu”
She said, “Nice to meet you Vishnu, I am Tara”

She handed over me two bags (to see the contact in bag, see the letter below) and two letters. She hugged me and wished me luck. She went to doctor.

See her letters:


What was in the bags????



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