D 242 Day

Location: Sydney, Australia.

I would not have reached here without your help. Thank you agin bringing me till here. So, I thought, I should acknowledge it. I am posting all my expenses in public domain. I had ruthlessly and honestly filled all daily expenses. First para is about help from friends.

When I was in China, we were in dilemma whether I should go to Russia or Australia. Some of my friends who are experts and had travelled around the world, had recommended me Russia. But, we chose Australia. Today, we are happy that our decision to choose Australia was right.


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This gentleman gave me lift on his truck from Merredin to Kalgoolie. Thank you, sir!! I forgot the name of dog, very friendly.

I had finished highhiking from Perth on the coast of Indian Ocean in Western Australia to Sydney on coast of Pacific in Eastern Australia via Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Adelaide and Melbourne. I had travelled more than 4,000km in Australia but I did not have to pay for travel and accommodation. I took hostel only twice – in Margaret River and Kalgoorlie for three nights each and one more night in some place. At all three places, they gave me good discounts, after listening to my story.
HELPS from
Uncle  Dr Sudhakar Bangar amount not disclose on request
Flight from China to Australia by Rajesh Pawar, Australian citizen
Sakthivel 100$
Arti Paranjape 100$
Indira Sathe 100$
Tara Patwardhan-Kalra  50$ and digital camera
Sandeep Paranjape bus ticket from Canberra to Sydney

There are few transactions on SBI account. Please give me your names so I can put them in the list of acknowledgement

31 August
Landed at Perth Airport at 3.30pm
ATM withdraw $200
Bus to hostel 4.5$
Dinner 10 at Annalaxmi

1 Sept: TOTAL 19
Breakfast Chinese cookies
Oats 1.9
Sugar 1
Milk 2
Mixed nuts 7.99
Tooth paste 2.45
Muffin 1.49
5 banana 1.99

2 Sept TOTAL 62
Mobile sim 2
Breakfast Free
No lunch
Shoes 15
Socks 2
Water Bottle 6
Adopter 9
Sweaters 25
Bus 3

Sept 3 Nill

Sept 4
Call to Ben 0.5
Cakes 6

Sept 5
Sim card 30

Sept 6-13 total 3$
2 books for 2$
Chocolate because need to wait in warm house. It was very cold outside. 1$

Sept 14 Total 5.70
0.90$ milk 1ltr
4.70 ticket to go to Perth Corporation

Sept 15 to 24 Vipassana no expense

25 Sept total $ 13
Dinner with Jasmine 13$ TTMM

26 Sept 15.07$ total
Milk 2.49
Bakery 3.20+3.19
Walnuts 4.70

27 Sept total 58$

39 Ferry Fremantle to Rottnest island with Rey Froncois
6 for parking car
8 sandwich
1.5 hand gloves
3.5 marker

Started hitchhiking for Margaret River (Four day hostel25x4)
28 Sept total 30
Accommodation 25
Lunch 5

29 Sept total 60
Accommodation 25
35$ dry fruits, coconut oil, beans, apple , milk, rice

30 Sept, total 30
Accom 25
Vegetable 3+2

Oct 1, total 28.70
Accom 25
Bread 2.70
Baked beans 1

Oct 2, Total 1.80
Accom Erin house
Baked beans 1.80

Oct 3, Total 25
Acco: Judi’s place homestay 25

October 4, Total $6
Merredin railway museum 3 (want to send some pic to Sir Rajendra Aklekar)
Tea 3
Lift 1: MAYA Ashwin, Jude place toMerredin

Lift 2: Merredin to Kalgoolie on truck with

Oct 4,5,6 Oct Total $ 125
Acco 23×3= 69
Short 6
T shirt 4
Lonely planet 2
Water bottle 1
Ration 33
Safety jacket 5
Socks 3
Cream 2

Oct 7

Started from Kalgoorlie. After very long waiting got lift for Norseman in Toyota by old man.
From Norseman got lift with Wilson Peter
18 $ for fried rice (Most expensive meal in my life so far. It was last restaurant in outback/ Australian desert. i was very hungry. I take take-away. Half of it ate as dinner and left over in next early morning.

9 Oct  total 25.3
2 coffee
3.3 coffee for peter
15+5 = 20 for fuel

Oct 10 total 9.60
2 baked beans 1.30
2 Spageti 1.30 given to Peter driver
Bread Loaf 2.62
Milk 2$ and given to Guruswara
Mint sluc

11 Oct    Total $15
Adelaide to Mt Barker to Melbourne
2 tea 10$
Potato fingers 5@southern cross, dinner. Cold night outside. Then got shelter into RAilway waiting room.

12 Oct: Rajesh picked up from Souther cross station. I stayed hat his place for weeks.

$13 lunch

13 Oct   Total $4
Chocolate 1
Fish fried 3 lunch

14 Oct Total $1
Ice cream 1

15 Oct Nill  +$200
Indrayani Sathe and Arti Parajapae gave 100$ each = 200$

16 Oct Total $30
Local travel card recharge 30$
Went to Nagarjuna Vajrala ‘s house. Visited diary farm n Penguin parade. Stayed over night.

17 Oct

29 Oct to 30 Oct in Vipassana

30 Oct: 21$ travel card recharged


1 Nov Nill

2 Nov:  Total 15
2 formal shirts $10
Lunch ISCKON $5

3 Nov: 19$
Bought souvenirs.

5 Nov: Tea 4$
Morning started hitchhiking from Rajesh Paranjape House. Sathe dropped at service station. Then Sayed Hussaini (Afghan – Aussi) dropped to few km. The Ken Forbes picked me up from the Caltex petrol station in Seymour, Victoria. His daughter Imogen Forbes gave dinner. Cris was searching for hostel. At last moment, got call from Paranjape and came to his house. He gave bear to Ken n Cries.

6 Nov Nill
Paranjape took me to museum, parliament, war memorial

7 Nov
Got up early. Cleaned bathroom and toilet. Sandeep picked me and dropped at bus stop. He had already booked a ticket for me. Boarded bus at 9am from Canberra to Sydney. First journey by paid transport.
Stayed with Robin Rajan

8 Nov
Came to Puneet Mankad. He took to dentist. Tooth is good, 50$ fee paid by Puneet. Stayed with Puneet Mankad

9 Nov Total 4.5$
No breakfast
Lunch subway 4.5$ sandwich

10 Nov nill

11 Nov
1$ internet card of state library
Lunch with Sunil Tokle sir friend
2.8$ snacks

12 Nov Nil
Came to Tanaya’s house

13 Nov total 28$
Dry fruit 16
Apple 2
Pears 2
Notebook 2
Lunch cooked rice at Tanaya house
Dinner 6$

Thank you very much all. I would not have reached here without your help. Thank you agin bringing me till here. Regards Vishnudas


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