Diwali Celebration in Melbourne

Date: November 1, 2016 (Day 227)

Location: Melbourne, Australia.


Happy Diwali!

Last Sunday (Oct 30, Laxmi Pujan) morning finished ten-day-long Vipassana meditation course. I was serving in this course. I was kitchen coordinator (till date I was foreign to western kitchen and western food habits) and foreign language lab. Of course, same rules like new students were applicable to servers and most difficult was no communication with living or nonliving being for ten days.

No communication, no concept of time, no calendar, no TV, no news life was very pure and natural like primitive people, on the top of mountain, far away from city center. Everything was Indian here except students and food. After the course, when I reached Melbourne then I realised that I am in a foreign country.


Neha and Rajesh Pawar performing Laxmi Pooja. 

In the afternoon, I reached Rajesh Pawar my host’s house. We had Laxmi Pujan (pooja). In the evening, Paranjape family invited us for dinner.

When we reached there, Mr Prasad Paranjape opened the door before we knock on it. Mrs Arti Paranjape was standing putting her both palms together. That is Indian traditional way to welcome. Mr and Mrs Paranjape are fabulous cook. They had cooked several traditional dishes and of course my favourite dishes: chapatti and kheer (milk sweet pudding with lot of dry fruits).


Arti and Prasad Paranjape.

Post dinner, discussion started. There were two camps: husbands – Rajesh and Prasad and another camp of wives – Neha and Arti. Topic of discussion was very common – husband changes after marriage. This is ever green top. And other camp justified they did not change and if there is any change then that is forced on them. Typical Maharashtrian discussion!


My Diwali was superb with Pawar and Paranjape family in Melbourne. This is first Diwali in recent years, away from family.

Happy Diwali to you too!


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