Hitchhiking in Aust

D 193 Day, Sept 28
Location: Transition from Fremantle to Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicted a “cyclone” in Australia. My host Mr François Rey, strongly recommended me not to travel today. Normally, I don’t stay more than four nights at one place, unless I have problems. I had packed my bags last night.
François helped me to make a card board and he wrote ‘Margaret River’ which is my next destination, in bold hand writing on it. Early morning, dropped me on high way to Margaret River. He told me that if I don’t get lift call him back and he will come back to pick up me. He was generous to say that I can stay at his house as long as I want.
I was waiting on high way for an hour and half holding hand written card board in my hand. People were kind to give smile instead of saying ‘No’.
After some time, one vehicle came in rivers direction. I didn’t not see it till it came close to me. The gentleman smiled and asked ‘Do you want to go to Margaret River?’ I nodded my head to say yes.
As standard operating procedures, I introduced myself. He came out to help me to put my bags in the car. I boarded the car. It was warm inside. Outside temperature was 12 d Celsius and it was windy. While he was starting the car I showed my passport for just authentication. He was happy and relaxed then.
He introduced himself as Theo Mathews resident of Margaret River. He told me some tales of Australia and I shared work culture in media industry in Mumbai. In 3/4 hours we reached here. He dropped me at bag packer. He gave me his card and said “In case of any problem or no vacancy at hostel, ring me, I will come to pick up you.”
Weather is good but sky is cloudy. No cyclone so far. All is well.
Thank you very much Mr Theo Mathews for lift.


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