Happy Raksha Bandhan to all

Aug 18: My sister sent me a rakhi in Shanghai thousands of kms away from home. First thing yesterday after having bath, I tied it on my wrist.

For fifteen years when we were both in school, I had never got her to tie me a rakhi. We always fought, most of it without any reason. We fought for hours and we fought hard. A Chinese proverb says girls are made of water. They are very compassionate, loving, accommodative and never give up.
When I started realising the importance of relationships, particularly the bond shared with a sister, she had tied the knot and moved to Banglore. Thereafter for several years, she religiously sent me a rakhi. But Indian Post usually faltered. At times, I would get the rakhi weeks after Rakha Bandhan. This year, DTDC did not disappoint. They brought my courier on the morning of Raksha Bandhan.


One thought on “Happy Raksha Bandhan to all

  1. Dear Vishnu, I have spent nearly two hours reading your posts from the day you left Mumbai for Kolkata. Your never say die spirit of adventurism is inspiring. Keep the faith. Strength be to you. If you need me for anything that I can do from Mumbai, please do let me know. I was in Beijing a fortnight ago… It was for a conference on the Chinese proposal of ‘Belt and Road’. If only I had read your blogs before I left for that trip. Please do keep us posted. I am going to make a habit to log on every morning to read your updates. God Bless and God Speed!


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