Stuck in Silchar

March 28:

I am stuck in Silchar as there is a strike in some pockets of Manipur. No vehicle for Imphal till day after tomorrow, Wednesday. Its raining since morning. Reading Gitanjali by Tagore.

It’s raining. Thank god, I have a raincoat.

March 29:

On the recommendation of a senior, I’m going to Karimgunj, a small town on international border of Bangladesh till the Manipur strike over. As its election time in Assam there is lot of movement of troops. Troops of Reserve Police Force are seen getting down at Silchar, a major junction.

March 30:

Good morning.
I was a bit surprised to see my mobile watch was 30 minutes ahead of wrist watch. I tries to call but it failed as there was no balance. Later checked my network, it was showing Dhaka,Bangladesh. I restored it. I’m fine and all is well.

March 31:

Visited India-Bangladesh border in Assam. Need some legal advice. I’m in Assam (for election) very much on the soil of India. My mobile service provider Airtel 3G claims I’m in international roaming (Bangladesh). It has reduced all my balance. Local people said its not new phenomena. Mobile service providers are looting them.

April 1:

Fun starts now. I have no money in my pocket. ATMs are closed due to election. Even mobile has zero balance! Only good thing is that I have a data pack on..


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