Sawasdee-kha Thailand

* April 28: Reached Mawlayine from Yangon by British era meter gauge train. It’s located close to the Thailand land border (100km). Will post details soon.

* April 29: Landed in Thailand at the Mae Sod border post on the morning of April 29

* April 30: Myanmar railways

I read that India and China donated them or gave them away at a low price in 1988/98. Fondant was laid by the British in the imperial era. It was connected to Thailand but the Japanese uprooted it in World War- II. I spotted meter gauge rail road near Bangkok.

* April 30: I’ve reached Bangkok. I had never imagined that I could reach upto Bangkok by surface travel. When the bus driver announced that we have reached, I thought he was joking. I left home on March 19. It’s almost day 42 now and my confidence level is about the same as it was on the first day of my travel.

There was an error on my part in calculating travel time. Eventually, I had to spent a night at Mae Sot (Sod), a border town on Thailand side.

* May 3: First day in Bangkok

Like every Mumbaikar, I’m used to having dinner as late as 10.30 or 11 pm. By that time, most hotels in Thailand are shut. I had a packet of instant noodles with me. Youth hostels in Thailand have a common kitchen. One can cook there as long as he/she cleans up afterwards. Here, I tried cooking in the hostel.

I met Indian businessman Sachin Bhalinge in Bangkok. He offered me lunch at an Indian restaurant. After a long time, I had chapati and paneer. Thank you, Vilas Tokle sir.




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