No entry to Cambodia and farewell Thailand

* May 24:

The Cambodian embassy denied me a visa claiming that it was a policy issue__ Pakistani, Indians and Bangadeshi nationals are not allowed by land border. I think, I should follow Narendra Modi and join politics. I have a reason now. Anyway, looking for other options to keep moving.

Day 66: I met Thai management guru and popular writer Damrong Pinkoon at Central world mall in the business district of Bangkok. Damrong, an MBA grad, has written 60 books in the past eight years (sounds like a writing machine). Some of his books have been translated into nine languages. He presented me with a fews books.

Meter gauge train in Thailand: Trust me, as far as transport is concerned, we are one generation ahead of ahead of them. But our population is so high that 12 car broad gauge trains are insufficient for us. That is how we are generations behind them.

* May 25: Thank you J ( Jj Thanyaphat ) for a ride to Phutthamonthon and lunch.

For the first time, I came across an affluent girl who was so compassionate towards animals. On one occasion, she noticed a dog-rooster fight and rescued the rooster. She administered first-aid and is now searching for a home for the rooster. On another occasion, she rescued 19 cats and gave them shelter in her shop.

About Phutthamonthon (also spelt Buddha Monthon, from Sanskrit Buddha Mandala): Buddha’s Sphere is a Buddhist park in the Phutthamonthon district, Nakhon Pathom Province of Thailand, west of Bangkok. It is highlighted by a 15.87 m (52 ft) high Buddha statue, by Corrado Feroci, which is considered to be the highest free-standing Buddha statue of the world.

The park was created in 1957 (year 2500 in the Thai Buddhist Era) on the basis of an idea of Thailand’s prime minister, Phibunsongkhram. The park covers an area of about 400 hectares, which in traditional Thai units is 2500 rai.


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