Have I reached the end of my journey with Vietnam?

* June 10:

Day 83;

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

A magical journey from the coast of the Arabian Sea to the coast of the South China Sea is probably nearing its end. I have reached Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. We had never imagined that we would reach here (have intentionally used the word ‘we’ instead of I’ as this journey also involves dozens of friends who contributed their hard earned money, besides motorists who gave me a lift and hosts who offered me shelter at night).
Initially, the objective was an adventure trip in the North East of India, spanning over a few weeks. Then came the thought of extending it to Myanmar, further to Thailand and Laos and today, we are in Vietnam.
I would like to express my gratitude to every friend who generously contributed towards my journey. A few of them have given as much as two quarters of their annual savings. I assure you all that I have made the best use of your money. Your savings were magical and powerful and did not get over. I still have some money left in my pocket. Thank you very much.
Special thanks to Hrishikesh Modak for his help in the crucial first stage of journey. Several families (known as well as strangers) opened their doors for me and gave me shelter for days. It was because of their hospitality, kindness and warmth that I did not feel homesick despite months of traversing unknown routes.
My doctors__ Sangeeta Kamble and Rucha Lahane__ helped get this ‘mass of flesh and bones’ upto Vietnam with their medical advice and cures. Without their help, I wouldn’t have crossed Manipur (where I suffered from loose motions for a week due to bumpy roads). Even at odd hours, they answered my distress calls. Thank you so much.
Thank you to all those Facebook friends who shared my posts. Thank you for cheering and encouraging me to reach here. Thanks to my three close friends who are looking after my parents in my absence.
I’m physically and mentally fit and eager to travel further. Some of my friends have proposed I undertake circumnavigation of the world by land. I believe no Asian has attempted this as yet. Two Indian Navy officers__ Cdr Dilip Donde and Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy__ undertook circumnavigation by sea. Their journey brought honour and glory to the Indian Navy as well to the country. I’ve heard that another Indian citizen is attempting circumnavigation of the world by air. If our attempts at circumnavigation by air and land work out, India would hold three records which would be rare and special.
What I need now on: a sponsorship of Rs.15 lakh over the next 18 to 22 months of journey. This is the lowest estimate assuming I would get 1/3 of my transportation and accommodation free of cost (particularly in developed countries).
If it works, that would be great. And if it doesn’t, I would still be okay. I’m not craving for a record. I’m trying to turn neutral towards all circumstances in life, whether good or bad (Anichha, Anichha, Anichha).
It is your call now. You guys tell me whether I should cross a few more kilometres and attempt circumnavigation of the globe by land. You can help by liking and sharing the post so that it reaches some sponsors.
Thank you once again

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