April 4: It’s Myanmar border now. I had been to all international borders that India shares__ Pakistan in Gujarat, J&K, China at Nathula, Bangladesh at Karimgunj in Assam, Bhutan and Nepal. Myanmar was the only one left.

April 6: It is just 5.10am but it looks as if it’s 8.30am. The sun is bright and shining. No wonder I jumped out of my bed and ran to freshen up. When I looked at my cellphone, I was surprised to see what time it was. I feared that my cellphone  service provider had once again pushed me into the Myanmar time zone. All is well for now.

April 11: I was a guest with a Naga family in Tusom CV (CV stand for Christian Village) and the Indian Penal Code is not followed in these pockets. They have their own laws. This is a village on the India-Myanmar border. My stay was scheduled for two days but got extended to five days due to lack of transport.

April 12: Made friends with a nine-month old girl, a yet-to-be-named angel. She was friendly and social. I extended my arms and she came running to me. She is the grand daughter of my host in Tusom village in Manipur. It is close to the Myanmar border and there is no presence of the military, Assam Rifles or police here. One can just climb hills and go to the next village in Myanmar to buy fancy imported cigars, instant coffee, lighters and other provisions

April 12: In Tusom Christian Village, Ukhrul, Manipur

I planted a sapling, leaving a loving and living memory behind me. Tusom Christian Village is on India Myanmar border. May the plant grow, rise and robust.

April 13: For three days I could not get transport from Tusom to Ukhrul. Fourth day, on Monday, I have booked a seat in jeep. Unfortunately, it broke down. At last, I got this lorry which had come from ___ (a place I cannot mention). Cabin was full with beautiful Burmese girls and I have no seat. I have to travel seating on these wooden planks on bumpy roads.


April 13: It’s not a major quake. I’m safe. All is well.




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