Back to Hanoi and further to China

* July 3:

Day 106; Location: Hanoi

Thank you Vietnamese friends for your kind hospitality. It was great fun to go for rides, lunches and dinners. The memories will stay with me forever. If you have any pictures of me, please post them on my Facebook page.

Fortunately, I managed to get a bus for China. Earlier this morning, I was waiting for the city bus to reach the bus station (from where I could go to China). But there was no city bus available. There are motorcycle cabs here. It was an odd six km distance from where I stayed upto the bus station. A motorcycle cabbie quoted quoted 70,000 VND (22,300 VND = 1 USD so it comes to 3 USD). I bargained and brought down the price to 35000 VND. To confirm the address, I showed my mobilephone to him. He said he couldn’t see it and asked me to get on the bike. After crossing some distance, I realised that he was short sighted. I was running out of time and there was no alternate option. I prayed hard and shut my eyes. Fortunately, he dropped me in one piece to the bus station.

* July 8:

Reached Beijing, China, by train from Vietnam. Slept at Beijing railway station. No access to social media, Gmail, Yahoo or Google. Hello China!




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