Adventures in Da Nang

* June 30: Da Nang Central Vietnam:

A journey from Arabian Sea to South China Sea via Bay of Bengal and Delta of Ganges and Mekong River-

Today, I swam in the South China Sea. Na Na (a single mom- a fact I discovered much later) and her family made my day. I was in Da Nang for four hours. But the memories are loads and may last life long.

I did not know them. I landed at their place through a reference. Actual plan was to stay at their place for at least two nights. The moment I land at their place, before I finish glass of water, I got a call to come back Hanoi urgently. My host checked bus schedule. The last bus to Hanoi was at 6pm.

I divided four hours one hour each for beach which was next to house, walk around, food and back to bus station to buy ticket.

After swimming, Na Na requested me to accompany her for bike ride. As expecting, I expressed my apology. It sounded risky. She insisted that baby too likes riding and showed some pictures. Still I refused. Her brother Đức Nguyễn said it was okay if we went at a slow speed to take a round around city.

Trust me, I have never been so responsible and careful while riding. Our moped’s speed was restricted 30kmph. Na Na showed me important places, beaches, Dragon Bridge and other bridge. Till we reach home her brother had made travel arrangements for me. When I parked vehicle at gate, he was waiting there with my bags. Na Na searched vegetarian restaurant but we did not get. At last she bought 1kg guava fruits so I will not be hungry during my journey. I don’t know whether I will meet them again. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness.

* July 1: Major hurdle crossed

I got a China visa. A major problem has been solved. Friends, thank you for your help and reaching out to me in times of distress.



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