Dreamt of becoming a banker, but the drought forced him to end his life

Victim, Krishna dnynoba Harkal

Krishna Harkal jumped ebfore a train in Parbhani last week when he couldn’t pursue higher studies due to poverty caused due to drought

In his early twenties, Krishna Dnyanoba Harkel of Dhengale, Pimpalgaon, was known as one of the bright students in his village as he continued of scoring over 70 per cent marks in all the examinations including the final examination of graduation.

Crisis among farmers in Parbhani district which has not yet been responded to by the state government, did not let Krishna go for further education.

Last week, his body was found lying in a pool of blood on railway tracks close to his home.

In drought-hit Parbhani district, a farmer’s or any of a farmer’s family committing suicide due to poverty is not something new, but suicidal death of 21-year old Krishna is. Krishna did not dream to be a doctor or engineer typically but a bank manager so that he could disburse easy loans to farmers in the region enabling them to survive.

“He got 76 per cent in his bachelor’s degree. He dreamt of being a bank manager so that he could disburse easy loans to farmers.

He was preparing for banking examinations” recalled Hashad Chavan, Krishna’s roommate in Aurangabad. He said, “He lied us about his admission for further studies. He had gone to colleges for M Com admission but he could not secure it due to financial crunch. He justified saying he was late and admissions were closed. However, the truth was that he did not have enough money to pay the admission fees.” Krishna’s father Dnyanoba is a small farmer. He has a small plot of 1.5 acre.

From the last five years, there is hardly any rain in this region. This year, rest of Maharashtra except Marathwada recorded 85 per cent of average rainfall. However, Marathawada recorded below 25 per cent of average rainfall.

Majority of dams in Marathwada region are below under dead-reservoir mark.

According to recent state government reports, on last Friday total water stock in all reservoirs is 15 per cent and usable water stock even less than that.

“Losses in agriculture are beyond repairable and things had already gone from bad to worse. His family is under debt of a local bank and his father had also borrowed some money for his daughter’s marriage this year,” said a neighbour, shocked with Krishna’s untimely death due to poverty. Krishna’s mother says, “I regret I could not stop him from taking a drastic step.”

His choice of taking a drastic step than pursuing higher education and living up to his dreams is shocking.

“He may be one of the youngest victims of drought in Maharashtra,” says a local.


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