After Make in India, ‘Make In Mumbai University’

Technical and Higher Education Minister Ravindra Waikar publish books 'made in univeristy'

Technical and Higher Education Minister Ravindra Waikar publish books ‘made in univeristy’

Mumbai : In a first of its kind initiative, the University of Mumbai has embarked on a plan to publish ‘made in university’ textbooks –  of which syllabus is prescribed by the university, matter is compiled by university subject experts, pages are designed and printed by university printing press. It is an attempt to stop the chain of private publishers who take away lucrative deals.

Technical and Higher Education Minister Ravindra Waikar who published the first set of ‘indigenous’ textbooks meant for first year B.Sc student of Zoology, described the project as ‘unique and noteworthy’ on Monday at `Phirozshah Mehta Auditorium in Kalina campus of University of Mumbai.

Appreciating the initiative of university officials, Waikar said, “The education department wishes and wants that all the departments should follow it.” “It is university who prescribes the syllabus and professors compile the matter. Private publishers just print the matter, bind the book and sell it at their own price. Students suffer in this process which is very sad.  Why should not it be stopped?” Minister questioned.

The describing the process of book publishing, Vice Chancellor University of Mumbai Dr Rajan Welukar said, “These textbooks textbook are based on the feedback of hundreds of students, industry experts and around 127 subject faculty  members.”

He added, “The textbook is an attempt to standardize the syllabus across all the colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Special attention has been given to the ecology prevalent in and around the colleges. All books are bearing the ISBN trademark and same quality, will be sold at just Rs.60 to Rs.85.”

The Chairman of Board of Studies of Zoology Prof Vinayak Dalvie who headed this project said, “The initiative is a first-of-its-kind as textbooks have been prepared solely by subject experts based on their research and study and their understanding of the requirement of the syllabus.”

Names of the Books: Wonders of the Animal World, Laboratory Technique and Bio-Statistic, Animal Interaction and Bio-diversity & Instrumentation and Bio-technology.


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