World accepts Yoga while Indians fight about whether it is a religious practice

Andiappan-Yoga-Chennai1 Indian are still divided, discussing, arguing and fighting on whether Yoga – a physical, mental and spiritual practice is related to particular religion. Some ‘liberal’ lawmakers had opined that introducing Yoga in the school curriculum will infringe liberty of some minorities. However, other than Indians, without any second thought are coming here to learn 5th century BC art of Yoga and spreading it across the globe.

Peng Ting IMG-20150621-WA0015(29) a Chinese national came to India to study Yoga to overcome her physical problems. She earned Yoga Teacher’s Certificate at Andiappan Yoga Chennai in February 2015 and she practicing and teaching Yoga in Korea.

Peng who is working Assistant Professor at Yongsan University, Busan, Korea thinks that Yoga can not only helps student to stay physically fit but also helps them to be more determined and focused in their studies. She has determined that Yoga is her lifetime commitment.

On the occasion of International Yoga day Sunday June 21, I had interviewed her. She was travelling from Korea to Japan for some work and I was sitting in my office in Nariman Point, Mumbai (Bombay). Here is a tete a tete with Peng Ting on WhatsApp a mobile messenger application.

Where did you learn about Yoga?
Actually, I was recommended by a Canadian college about 5 years ago. I’ve always been keen on dancing, doing outdoor activities and playing sports. So when my friend recommended me to try practice yoga which is as elegant as dancing and as challenging as sports, it was a no brainer choice for me to give it a try.

Why did you choose practice of Yoga? Was it for physical heal, mental peace or any other reason?
It was mainly for physical reason. When I was in my early 20s, I encountered a small accident with my right side ribcage. Doctors couldn’t do anything about my injuries, as there was no physical pain involved. When My Canadian friend told me the therapeutic benefits, there was no reason for me to not try it. It’s been 5 years ever since I started practicing yoga and it has been magical threat to my body and mind.
Did you observe any change in your personality after practicing yoga?
Yes, of course. I’ve been much calmer and more patient especially after learning and practicing Pranayama.

Peng Ting performing Yoga

Peng Ting performing Yoga

How does it help you in your job?
I’m working as Assistant Professor at University in Busan Korea. I spend most of my time helping my students and dealing with their questions. It truly requires me to be patient and sympathetic. And yoga has definitely been a great influence to me on what I do.

Do you recommend Yoga to your students and friends? Why?
Yoga is for everyone. I think, for my students, yoga can not only help them to stay fit, but also can help me to be more determined and focused on their studies.  Yoga is not just about being fit, but it’s about a healthy lifestyle. With regular practice, it allows us to be still in a world consumed with chaos. Yoga has helped me finding peach and tranquility and I truly believe it can help others too.

Photo coutersy: Andiappan Yoga Chennai and Peng Ting.


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