When the General Manager of BEST speaks in English

The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) General Manager OP Gupta is one of he few experts on the transport in the state. He had experience of the handling transport organisations over a decade as Managing Director of the State Transport (ST) and at presently he is leading the BEST in the capacity as the General Manager.

He had studied transport systems in various major cities like London, New York, Moscow, Singapore. Besides, he is very proficient in economic modules of mass transports, human resource development, rising new challenges and impact of fuel hike etc. The BEST employees and committee members love to listen to him, but only in Marath (not in English). He speaks fluent and accurate Marathi with unique and nasal sounds.

There are few BEST committee members who did not studied theories of transport or comparative study of BEST and with other metropolitan cities but they have hand on experience of local issues and their ‘dessi’ solutions. When the GM come with creamy-dreamy proposals in the meetings, these members come up with fine counterargument and practical difficulties in the proposal.

Sometimes, when the argument and counter arguments go out of hand between the members and GM, later switches from Marathi to English. His intonation pattern and volume of voice increases with particular nasal sound.

Poor Chairman do not understand what the GM is speaking in English. At the end of GM’s speak, Chairman just responds with ‘Anukul / Pratikul, vishay sammat! (Considering the arguments and counter arguments, the subject is passed).


2 thoughts on “When the General Manager of BEST speaks in English

  1. Thank you Maharudra for your kind feedback! I will come up with ‘various topics’. I am glad you like my post. Regards Vishnudas


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